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Board of Media is social movement and documentary celebrating equality in action & adventure sports.


Board of Media is a social movement celebrating gender equality in action and adventure sports and is supported by a documentary that transcends the boundaries of the action sports industry. Raising awareness of the inequality in advertising, film, photography and prize money.

The documentary will open the debate on the under-representation of women in action sports and will distil observations, criticisms and hopefully find solutions from original and honest dialogue with athletes, business leaders and academics. Departing from the stereotypical actions sports video style, we amalgamate animation with stunning visuals and key characters that bring compelling personals stories to life. Confronting contemporary feminist issues head on and asking interviewees about their experiences in the industry. It is by challenging representation, gender equality and everyday sexism that we have the power to change perspectives and give women all over the world a strong role model.


Alexandra Dack

Connor Hawkins

Emma Shoesmith

Jed Welland