Contemporary Media Practice

Exhibition 61



An interactive mix media installation discussed about both physical and mental exile and the meaning of home in modern society in China.


Dis-attachment discussed the migration and movement in modern Chinese society and also how the cultural and geographical different work in the concept of exile.

The work based on Duan’s personal experience of traveling and living in different places while China has a very strong and moral based culture build on the concept of family. “sending people away from their home” is even a serious punishment in ancient China.

In this way the work discussed the definition of home and family. The state of losing connections with family doesn’t necessarily need to be a physical status, it can also be a state of mind, a feel of feeling exiled from the parochial loyalties.

By using the dimension of an universal transport-use storage container, dis-attachment offers the audience an artwork which they can experience with their full bodies, with all of their senses, sharing and exploring and moving through the space.


Duan Wang (Cher)