Contemporary Media Practice

Exhibition 61



A film examining the effects of mistrust and a broken relationship on the mind of a young woman.


The Lizzie Film is an independent production by a UK based team of filmmakers.
In this dramatic story about the domestic woos of a modern day romance, we are brought under the skin and into the mind of Lizzie, as she deals with the downfall of her relationship and public attack by former partner Shaun.
The film portrays the effects of mistrust, insecurity and a broken relationship on the mindset and behavioral patterns of a young woman like Lizzie. 

    External collaborators

  • Roozbeh Golpaygni – Music Composer
  • Stephen Broad – Music Composer
  • James Chang – Sound


Amy Ordinaire – Producer

Brett Hutt – Director, Editor, Writer

Naushervan Shad – Director of Photography

Vyran Dhindsey – Camera Operator

Alia Haggag – Marketing and Distribution